About Via Dagnino

Via Dagnino is fresh, fun, and creative. But most importantly the brand directly speaks to children and their parents. Via Dagnino messages are always inspiring. The brand teaches children to always be confident and self-expressive. Creating real connections and relationships between people. It defines a way of being. The brand has familiar language that endorses positive values. Via Dagnino is a firm believer in the importance of confidence and that children must have a special relationship with their parents and especially with themselves. The brand invites people to: Dream, imagine, have fun, share and discover

Hello! I’m Vanessa Dagnino.  

Welcome to the wonderful world of Via. As a wife and mother of two wonderful children, I decided to create something truly special that would allow children to be creative, imaginative and most importantly inspire them to fulfill their dreams. As a mom, I hope to protect my children from any pain but as an educational psychologist, I understand the reasoning behind the issues that children will face as they grow up. 

I decided to create Via Dagnino a brand that communicates much more than style. Its principles are based on teaching children to be confident, adventurous and to never stop dreaming. Through the adventures and creations of Via, I not only created a platform that helps children become more confident. I myself started to fulfill my dreams of becoming a designer and also became more self-empowered and creative. I hope to enrich the lives of children everywhere and through Via teach them how to reach their dreams. 

 All my love,


 A Note from Via

 Hey Guys, I’m Via!

I’m super excited to have you visit me. I tell Cacao (my dog) all the time that one-day we are going to be famous designers. Just like the ones we see in mommy’s magazines. I decided, I was going to start creating my own stuff about a year ago and its been going great! My mom says my imagination is my best accessory. I think so too.  

I’ve been working real hard on mixing fabrics that I like and putting colors together to create my very own style. My favorite thing to do is go to grandmas house. She’s traveled all around the world and tells me the most interesting stories. I explore her house with Cacao and we pretend to go to all of the wonderful places that grandma has been. Mom and Dad take us on trips sometimes. I love to see the different ways that people dress, and all of the accessories they like to use. 

Since, I’m always sketching, drawing and writing in my notebook, I thought it would be a great idea to share my stories with you. I hope to see you guys soon!