Your children need your love,...

Your children need your love, time, and undivided attention 💜. As a parent, you’re likely to be the most significant influence in their lives — it’s up to you to help them to feel secure and build their confidence. 🐻 Actively listen when your child wants to talk to you. 🐷 Show that you’re listening by stopping what you’re doing and maintaining eye contact. 🐤 Share their enthusiasm about what they’re discussing, even if the subject is about insects, or a movie you’ve both watched a hundred times. 🐨 If you’re not able to put down what you’re doing, let your child know and be sure to follow up on the conversation later in the day when you can provide undivided attention. - Lovely pic by @merimeriparty Source: #ViaDagnino #StylishHairAccessories #HairClip #FashionKids #ChildrenToys #MeriMeriInspo

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