"Why is “no,” such an...

"Why is “no,” such an automatic response in us as parents? Probably because children need limits — so it is something we often need to say ⚡️.

Yet, somewhere along the way, those “nos” become more and more frequent. Do we really need to say “no” so often? 🙈

There is an innocence and curiosity about life that makes a child want to do weird and wonderful things.

🌈 How often are we stifling that wonderment? How often are we shutting down the very nature of what it means to be a child?

Your child is sad about something — YES it is okay to feel sad.

Your child is having a hard time sharing a toy — YES your child is learning and exploring. It is okay to not be done with it yet 🐰.

Your child doesn’t want to take a bath — YES you are so busy playing. You love playing with that toy. You also love bubbles. Let’s take that toy into the bath!

It’s your child’s birthday 🐼 — YES you can put your hands in the cake and be messy.

Source: nurtureandthriveblog.com
Lovely Pic by: @merimeriparty

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