It is so easy to...

It is so easy to fall into a pattern of praising a girl’s looks (“You are so pretty!”), labeling her behavior as “good,” or congratulating her when she does something perfectly 🌈. Instead, embrace the concept of a growth mindset, and celebrate your daughter’s mistakes and failures. ✨ Confidence in your daughter will grow if she’s able to take risks, knowing that the outcome may not be perfect, and she will be loved and celebrated for her effort, regardless of the ultimate achievement ✨. Likewise, parents may fall into a trap of calling an opinionated girl “bossy” with a tone of disdain. However, those strong opinions are the budding leadership skills of a possible future CEO! Encourage your daughter to speak up for herself and others, starting in your own home. When she expresses a strong opinion about something or disagrees with you, you can build up her confidence by really listening to her opinion without immediately dismissing it 💜. By showing that her thoughts and ideas have value, you are setting her up to have the courage and confidence to express her ideas in future classrooms and boardrooms. Source: Party Supplies: @merimeriparty #teammommy #mommylife #mamablog #mamablogger #kidsphotography #mommyanddaughter #teammommy #canon #canonnederland #mama #peuter #moederschap #motherhood #girlsoutfit #bootd #toddlerofinstagram #toddler #daylightphotography #kidsportrait #toddler #clickinmoms #discoverunder20k

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