Increasingly, parents and teachers are...

Increasingly, parents and teachers are turning to the practice of mindfulness to help children learn how to pay attention — to their thoughts, to their emotions, and to their bodies. And that skill of paying attention can have a profound impact on how a child develops and learns, both within the classroom and outside of it.

Mindfulness is the act of being aware of what is happening in the present moment, without judgment or expectations for a particular outcome.
There’s no one way to practice mindfulness. In mindfulness meditation, participants sit quietly and focus on the breath, letting thoughts float by without granting them attention or judgment.

In other words, when children with stress, anxiety, or trauma walk into a classroom, they likely are not in a cognitively healthy space to learn.

That’s where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness primes students to feel safe, de-stress, and focus — all of which readies them to learn (and is learning in and of itself).

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