If you are a woman...

If you are a woman raising a girl, you are clearly a role model for the woman your daughter will become 💜. You have the opportunity to model resilience, strength, and confidence during challenging moments. 🐰 Let her observe you respectfully asserting yourself with other women and men. 🐶 Instead of mentioning the size or weight of your body in front of your daughter, talk about it in terms of strength, comfort, health, and gratitude for how it carries you through your day. 🐱 When you talk about how you spend your days at work, ask your daughter: What difference do you want to make in the world someday? What problem do you want to solve? Here’s to raising self-assured, resilient girls who will be our future problem-solvers and leaders! Source: brighthorizons.com Pic: @merimeriparty #timeinfamily #capturasmaravillosas #estudiofotografico #fotografiaartistica #kidsphotography #sesioneskids #sesionesinfantiles #fotografiabonita

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