If we want children to...

If we want children to thrive in our complicated world, we need to teach them how to think, says educator Brian Oshiro 🌈. How can we encourage kids to think critically from an early age? Through an activity that every child is already an expert at — asking questions. 🐤 Go beyond “what?” — and ask “how?” and “why?” After school, prompt your kid to answer questions such as “How exactly does X cause climate change?” and “Why should we worry about it?” To answer, they’ll need to go beyond the bare facts and really think about a subject. 🐣 Follow it up with “How do you know this?” Oshiro says, “They have to provide some sort of evidence and be able to defend their answer against some logical attack.” Answering this question requires kids to reflect on their previous statements and assess where they’re getting their information from. 🐥 Prompt them to think about how their perspective may differ from other people’s. Ask a question like “How will climate change affect people living in X country or X city?” or “Why should people living in X country or X city worry about it?” Kids will be pushed to think about the priorities and concerns of others, says Oshiro, and to try to understand their perspectives — essential elements of creative problem-solving. Source: TED “How to Be a Better Human” Beautiful pic by @merimeriparty #merimeriparty #merimerikids #merimeri #stylishkids #fashiontoys #childrenhealth #kidshavingfun #viadagnino #kidsofinstagram

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