Here are three practices that...

Here are three practices that you can adopt to improve children’s wellbeing 🌈: 🐥 Physical activity. Exercise is essential for everyone, especially children. There are a lot of benefits gained from exercising, including that it fosters a positive mood and releases the stress of the day. 🐵 Technology time There is so much technology available to children nowadays but it is important to limit the time children spend having screentime. Setting clear and consistent guidelines from an early age makes it much easier to reinforce these limits. 🐰 Foster positive relationships The benefits from time spent with friends and family is that they learn to share, compromise and listen, as well as develop conflict resolution skills. Party Supplies: @merimeriparty #merimeriparty #merimerikids #merimeri #stylishkids #fashiontoys #childrenhealth #kidshavingfun #viadagnino #kidsofinstagram

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