Here are some anger management...

Here are some anger management tools to help you and your little person manage their emotions 💜. 🐰 When your child has an angry outburst, say, "I can see you're angry." If you know why they are angry, you can add the reason: "I can see you're angry because you really love swinging on the swing, and we have to leave the park." 🐨 Accept their anger. Tell them, "It's OK to be angry." You want your child to feel that both they and their emotions are OK. You don't want them to feel that they have to hide their emotions. 🐷 Children do not naturally know what words to use. You have to teach them what to say. You can tell your child: "When you feel angry, you need to use words," or "I really want to hear what's upsetting you.If you use words, I'll understand better and can help." You might say, "When you're angry, say, 'I'm angry,' and I will help you." Over time, children internalize your voice and your rules. By age five, children develop their superego, which acts as an internal stop sign and helps them to control aggressive impulses. Lovely pic by @merimeriparty Source: #childrensfashion #details #partydresses #kidsoccasionwear⁠ #slowfashion⁠ #consciousfashion⁠ #sustainablefashion #ethicalfashion #kidsstyle #instakids #fashionkids #kidswear #kidsootd #kidsclothes #ootd #childrenswear #kidsofinstagram #kidsclothing #ig_kids #stylishkids #girlsfashion #kidstyle

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