The ultimate after school checklist 

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Staying organized and on top of your schedule is crucial for busy parents everywhere! Of course, that’s much easier said that done. Otherwise, we’d all be super-parents. (We already think you’re a super-parent!) Use this after school checklist to help your kids stay focused, have family time, and even help out around the house. Of course, you can always add your own steps to fit your own colorful family!

  • First off, make sure you talk to your kids about their day, right away! Of course, they’re probably already running in the door bursting with stories. Take time to make a little after school snack and listen to everything that happened in their fun-filled day.
  • Next, move onto homework! It’s not everyone’s favorite, but we’re big believers in working hard (it makes playtime that much more fun!) Doing it almost right after school opens up the rest of the afternoon and evening for fun, family activities.
  • This can change depending on your house rules, but allow a little TV or computer time after your child has successfully completed all their homework. (This might even give you a head start on dinner now!)
  • Of course, you can always make cooking dinner together a family activity! We love to see Via Dagnino families pitching in together to get chores done.
  • Have a family dinner! The best way for a bright, colorful, playful life is to spend time with those who matter the most in this world (Hint, hint: that’s your family!)
  • End the night with a relaxing activity. Maybe some arts and crafts, a bit of painting (Careful of the furniture!) or something to get the creative juices flowing.

Before you know it, it’ll be bedtime for the whole family!

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