Best kid’s style for the holidays

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The events never seem to end during the holiday season, whether you’re going across the river to grandma’s house or running over the bridge to a holiday party. Whatever the occasion, we all need to look and dress our best. Our little ones are no exception! There are a few tips when it comes to focusing on dressing your children for holiday events, so it stays as hassle free as possible.


  1. Fabric matters! That silk dress may look adorable on your little darling, but I guarantee that it won’t be as cute if something spills on it. Make sure to still choose fabrics like cotton that are easy to wash. Kids will be kids, after all!
  2. Make sure it’s still comfortable. You want your kid’s to be smiling in all of your holiday photos, so make sure it’s a genuine grin! If they’re stuffed into an outfit that isn’t breathable, then no part of the evening is going to be enjoyable. Make sure that all of your outfit choices for your little one’s are still comfortable.
  3. Add the right accessories. To really glow under the light, we recommend our acrylic hair clips or our bows to set off any young lady’s outfit. Of course, no holiday outfit will be complete without the right bowtie for our dashing gentlemen, too!
  4. Let them choose! You’ll be surprised what your children are capable of. Make it a family event and go shopping together for their holiday outfits. I guarantee that they’ll pick out something to make you smile!

Follow these tips for the best and brightest (and stylish) holiday season. We can’t wait to see pictures!  

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