Best gifts for your BFF

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Your BFF is what gets you through the day - and the holiday season is a great time to show them your appreciation. Here’s our favorite gift ideas for when you’re ready to shop for your best friend forever.

  1. A cute make-up pouch. You can never have enough make-up cases! Get your friend a cute clutch or pencil case that can be used to take their eyeliner and lipgloss around town. They’ll think of you whenever they use it!
  2. Matching rings. Break the mold from the traditional best friend bracelets or lockets. Get them a cute matching ring set, so you know that they’re always thinking of you.
  3. A cute new phone case. Everyone loves to express themselves when it comes to rocking a phone case. Get your BFF one that has her name or a cute design, that will really compliment her personality.
  4. A cute wall print. Get your friend an art print or a little saying that she’ll be able to decorate her room with. It’ll be easy, cute, and chic, and she’ll think of you whenever she smiles at it on her wall!
  5. A boxed set DVD of her favorite movie or show. It’s super thoughtful, because it shows that you know her so well! Plus, it means there’s a major sleepover happening in your future!

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