Different Ways to Use Hair Accessories  

If there’s one thing just about every child loves - it’s cute hair accessories. Whether it’s bows, buttons, or barrettes, hair accessories can make your child’s favorite outfit their favorite. Of course, when it comes time to refresh an outfit (or your entire wardrobe - shopping spree, anyone?!) you don’t always have to spend a ton of money. There are tons of quirky ways to use different hair accessories in your outfit and not even in your hair!


Add a cute butterfly clip to your top, or maybe add a barrette or two to your jeans to make them sparkle. Rethinking and reworking your accessories is a great way to get the most out of your entire wardrobe, without having to run out and buy new pieces. The craftier that you can get - the better! Hair accessories clip on and off your hair, so why not with your favorite skirt? Barrettes and hair bows can add a little bit of sparkle and color to just about any outfit.

Of course, we could never forget our little boys! Who says accessorizing is just for girls? For the little gentleman, have you ever thought about using a bowtie as a belt buckle? Maybe even as a bracelet or as a pair of tennis shoe laces.

The craftier you get, the better! It’s totally up to you, and you can find inspiration all over Via Dagnino, or even some of our favorite hot spots like Pinterest. Even better, make a rainy afternoon a craft day - take your kids and find the funnest ways to spice up their favorite outfits. Whenever you have fun, it’s a fashion yes! 

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