Easy hair tutorials for busy mornings

As much as we want life to be filled with bright colors all the time, we all have to admit that mornings seem a little less colorful (Who likes getting out of bed?! Not us). Use some of this easy hairstyles to get your kids out of bed and excited for the day – and to add a bit of sparkle.


  1. Fishtail Braid – While it looks complicated, a fishtail braid is exactly the opposite. It’s so easy, even Dad’s can do it! (We’re kidding – we love you, Dad’s of the world!) It’s even simpler than a normal braid, but with a dramatic flair. After all – we think your hair is the ultimate accessory, with some Via Dagnino hair accessories, of course.
  2. The High Ponytail – Often called the “cheerleader pony tail,” this high, bouncy look is perfect for the kids who actually love ponies (Who doesn’t?!) Instead of pulling your hair together in a pony tail at the base of your skull, pull it together at the crown of your hair. Centering your hair higher up on your head gives your pony that bouncy, ultra-lifted look.
  3. The Pig Tails – We’re all a little messy (it’s more fun that way), so this easy, out of the way hairstyle is perfect for your little piggies on the go. Create two pony tails on opposite sides of your child’s head, using a middle part. Use fun hair clips – or even some Via Dagnino accessories – to make it picture perfect.

No matter what kind of hair you have, how old you are, or how you choose to have fun – confidence is key! Set yourself up for success (and fun!) by using some of these quick and easy hairstyles in the morning.

Personally, we think a little bit of glam is the best way to beat a case of the “morning’s”!

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