5 Reasons Fairy Tales are...

5 Reasons Fairy Tales are Good for Children 🌈. Fairy tales work on a deeper level within a child’s mind. They enrich imagination, cultivate deeper understanding of life’s great truths, and elevate understanding of spiritual things that can be difficult and complex to convey.

— ✨They see good conquer evil.
— They see actions beget consequences.
— They see great obstacles overcome by ordinary characters.
— 💫They enrich imagination.
— They benefit every age.

After a decent introduction to fairy tales, children can begin to recognize story patterns and similarities between versions. Fairy tales stretch imaginations far beyond what is typical. 🐻 Children don’t need to be reminded of the world’s harsh realities; they need to be filled with wonder at its beauty and possibilities.

Source: learningthroughliterature.com
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