How to dress your children for school


School is always exciting, no matter how old your children are. Picking out the best outfits for school is something that some children may plan even a week in advance (I know I did when I was little!). It’s a time to socialize in class, seeing friends again, and kids always want to make a good impression – that’s important at any age! Of course, you can’t exactly send children to school in a business appropriate outfit, so what’s a (little) girl to wear?

Children want to look good just as much as adults do, but when it comes to picking out a stylish outfit, think comfort! Every kid, no matter how stylish, wants to let loose at recess, so make sure that play-friendly shoes are incorporated into any outfit. Some of our Via Dagnino leggings are both comfortable and stylish, so your kids are ready for the classroom and the playground.

For our little men, accessories are everything! As dapper as they look in their Easter best, any mother can tell you that’s not practical. We recommend a trendsetting shoe – little Converse, anyone? – and a cute pair of matching socks to polish off a play worthy outfit.



Whether they’re sitting in the classroom  or running around outside, everyone  wants to look good all year round.  Keeping it comfortable and stylish is not  mutually exclusive, even for your kids!  We encourage a self expression in our  Via Dagnino kids that helps them grow  up with a strong sense of self and stylish  confidence; what better opportunity to  grow more than when in school?

Check out some Via Dagnino accessories for outfits that are both kid and parent friendly – which is all you can ask for!

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