Let their inner kid shine!



Some days I can dress Alessia in a minute. I will put on the jeans/shirt/dress, and she will smile and we will go on our merry way. But it’s the days she looks down and pouts a bit that I know Alessia is feeling creative. That’s when I become an observer. Or okay, a personal shopper first. I lay out polka dots, stripes, neons, neutrals and just watch her decide. I know...that one day she’ll come home and want what all the other kids are wearing, but for now she layers the polka dots with the stripes and the plastic gold jewelry with black and turquoise TOMS. At first I will say, “Oh Alessia, how about we pair the striped shirt with the jeans instead of on top of your pink princess dress?” But her creativity would start to take wind and at that point I can do nothing but laugh at the fashion adventure that she has embarked on.

Really, why should I stop her? She’s perfect no matter what she wears. Most importantly, I know that fashion, no matter what age, is about self-expression. Something children do best. What does it mean when she wants to wear black and turquoise TOMS with her pink princess dress? Well, that she wants to feel like a princess and run in sneakers! She’s a girl who knows what she wants and this proud mom is not going to stop her. What do you think? Shall we run with this awesome, budding sense of style?

Hey, maybe we’ll even learn a new fashion trend or two!

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