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This past week, Via Cacao got the chance to have an amazing collaboration with Dondolo at the Dallas World Trade Center. Via Cacao shared a booth with Dondolo the convention center, and it was one of the best experiences for us here at Via Cacao! We didn’t know what to expect from this show, but we were excited. There were a mass of buyers from all over the country, and we wanted to put on our best face. Our booth was designed by Catalina and Nicol (the amazing girls behind Dondolo), and Paola Arria (from Unique Party), who’s been a lifelong friend of Vanessa at Via Cacao. Without these three amazing women, it would not have been such a great experience! Catalina and Nicol, especially, were very warm and professional, and we were so happy to get to spend this week with them. Make sure to check out Dondolo and these girl’s amazing creations!


We got to meet these girls, and many other vendors, and learn from them. We got plenty of new business experience, swapped ideas with other kid’s retailers, and brought back the best of the best to pour back into Via Cacao. We got answers to some of our hardest hitting retail and design questions, met new buyers, and made new friends. It was also fun! If you do something you love, you’ll never hate going to work a day in your life.



With such a fun and energizing environment, we were sad to leave! We can’t wait to tell you more about our adventures, we’ll be out on the road again soon!

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