3 Real-World Examples of Emotion-Regulation...

3 Real-World Examples of Emotion-Regulation Through Holding Space. 💜 When your child is “acting out” (which is another way of saying expressing their impulses or emotions) ask yourself, “How can I help my child express their impulse or emotion in a better way?“

🌈 Jumping on the sofa = Impulse to Jump
“Hey, remember we don’t jump on the sofa, let’s go out to the trampoline or we can put some cushions on the floor and create a jumping obstacle course!”

⚡️Hitting you = Impulse to get your Immediate Attention/ Connection
“Hmmm, hitting is never okay. It seems like you might want my attention. Is there another way to get my attention?” said while not making eye contact or otherwise giving attention until your child asks in an appropriate way.

☄️ Running Around at Bedtime = Impulse to release stress or to Connect
“It seems like you need to run around! Let’s all play be silly as you can for 2-minutes! Then it’s brushing teeth, story, and bedtime!”

Lovely photo by @merimeriparty

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