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Good style isn’t just for land lovers, it’s for the pool, too! We challenge you to find the cutest way to express yourself this summer, whether it’s through an adorable bathing suit, your cutest cover-up, or your best Via Dagnino accessory! We love sending our kids off to school with one of our patent clips or beautiful bows, but what about for staying cool at the pool?

Via Dagnino’s hair clips, bows, and accessories are the perfect compliment to your beachy waves and sand and sea swim suits. They’re perfect for keeping wet and crazy hair out of your face, so you don’t have to fuss with pulling it back and keeping it out of your eyes.

Staying cute and keeping cool go hand-in-hand for our little summer fashionistas, so don’t leave them high and dry in the style department. Going down to the water doesn’t mean a drop in style. Our favorite pool accessory is our hair clips, which add just the right amount of fun and sparkle to any summer day.

Of course, getting in and out of the water all day can cause a bit of havoc on your child’s hair. When it comes to protecting their healthy hair from UV rays, use a few of these tips:

  • Get your hair wet before jumping in chlorinated water. If it’s wet from tap or shower water first, the wet hair will absorb less chlorine.
  • If you have fair or very blonde hair, consider using a swim cap!
  • Always make sure to deep-condition hair after it’s been in and out of the sun and surf to restore it’s health and shine.
  • Always air dry after being in out in the sun - the added heat from a blow dryer is the last thing you need

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