Healthy after school snacks

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We always want our children to be healthy, but how often do they want to eat healthy snacks? Here’s our favorite ideas for healthy snacks, that will hopefully please the kids, too!

Mini corn cakes... Delicious!!

  1. Juice Pops. Freeze your favorite low-calorie or sugar free juice in popsicle trays overnight. You’re left with a sweet treat that is much healthier than ice cream.
  2. Black bean and corn quesadilla dippers. Make your favorite quesadilla’s, but cut the slices even smaller. From there, substitute meat for black beans and corn for additional protein! Add fresh salsa for dipping.
  3. Make turkey wrap bites. Using whole grain tortillas, make a wrap consisting of your favorite cheese, lettuce, and turkey. Now, cut it into concentric pieces and lay them out like sushi, for snack-like bites!

These are our three favorite, different, after school snacks! If you have favorite recipes, be sure to let us know what they are. If you try some of these, let us know how the kids loved them (or how much you did!

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